1. How much do I pay upon registration and what is the deposit fee?
A $20 registration fee will be imposed for NEW students and 1 month deposit fee.

2. What is the centre’s office hours?

Mon - Fri    :1 pm – 10 pm
Sat      :9 am – 5 pm
Sun  :9 am – 5 pm


3. How much is the monthly course fee for the respective levels?

Level Duration Monthly course fee 
P3 - P5 1.5h $140
P6 - S2  2.0h  $160
S3 - S5  2.0h  $180
JC1    2.0h  $320
JC2     2.0h  $320


4. How many sessions are there in a month?
There are 4 or 5 sessions in a month. Monthly course fee will be pro-rated accordingly.

5. What if a student joins in the middle of the month?
A pro-rated course fee, together with the following month’s fee will be made at the juncture when the student commences his/her lesson. For example, if an S4 student attends 2 lessons for the month, he will pay $90+$180=$270.This is applicable only to NEW students.

6. How is the monthly course fee pro-rated?

Level   Monthly course fee  1 2 3
P3-P5  $140 ($175 if 5X)  $35 $70  $105
P6-S2 $160 ($200 if 5X) $40   $80 $120
S3-S5 $180 ($225 if 5X)  $45 $90 $135
JC1 $320 ($400 if 5X) $80  $160 $240
JC2    $320 ($400 if 5X) $80 $160   $240 


7. What if I want to pay by term?
A discount will be given as follows:

Level 1st month   2nd month 3rd month Termly course fee 
P3-P5 $140 $135 $130  $405
P6-S2 $160  $150 $140    $450
S3-S5 $180  $170 $160 $510
JC1-JC2  N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A. 


If a second subject is involved, the termly fee will be doubled.
If a third subject is involved, the termly fee will be tripled.

8. When is the due date for the course fee?
Course fee (monthly or termly) must be made in full by first week of each month according to the number of days in that month.

9. What are the modes of payment?
Payment can be made either by cash or cheque. Cheques should be crossed and made payable to N’RICH LEARNING CENTRE PTE LTD. Please write the student’s name, NRIC/Birth Cert. no. and contact number on the reverse side of the cheque. Please do not issue post-dated cheque.

10. Is the centre closed for Public Holidays?
The centre is closed on most Public Holidays and Chinese New Year eve.

11. What is the maximum class size?
The maximum class size is 8.

12. Will there be any lessons during the school holidays?
Lessons are scheduled as per normal during the school holidays.

13. Are students given homework?
Students will be given homework where applicable as homework should help students to review and reinforce newly acquired skills and knowledge. Students must be motivated to find their homework and clarify their doubts, if any during lessons.

14. Are your lessons conducted according to the school syllabus?
Lessons are taught in accordance to the syllabus by the Ministry of Education.

15. What are the teachers’ qualifications?
The teachers are undergraduates, graduates and MOE-trained ex- and current school teachers.

16. What are the class schedules?
Please check the website for the class schedule and any updates to the schedules.

17. Will there be a refund of the course fee for lessons missed?
There will be no refund of the course fee for lessons missed and only one make-up lesson per month per subject for a missed lesson allowed. Other missed lessons are forfeited.