Started in December 2008, N’rich Learning Centre located at Kovan Centre, seeks to inspire, hence transforming the lives of people by allowing them to stay motivated and view adversities as opportunities of change for betterment in the future.

This company founded by Mr. Anthony Tang, believes in total education for all, children and adults. In a world where one faces adversities, one can get unmotivated and demoralized easily. As such, a special boost is needed - to inspire them and surpass their expectations, believing they can achieve and excel.

From the words of John F. Kennedy, “A man may die, nations rise and fall, but ideas lives on forever.” As long as one believes in an idea, success comes to that person.

Imbued with the core values coupled with the well-organised programmes, our company aims to inspire minds and transform lives.


Our Founder

Mr. Anthony Tang, an ex-MOE secondary school science teacher and Head of Department for Information Technology with 10 years of teaching experience in a government school, has vast experience in the academic and non-academic fields. His unique combination of experience as an art-lover, a teacher and scientific thinker, has made his teaching methods uniquely intriguing and fun.

The NUS Double Medical Science Major Degree holder has discovered a special relationship between Science and Mnemonics, which is the key to activate the students’ passion for learning. His creative teaching methods has been well-received by students and parents.

To succeed in life, he reckons that one must cultivate diligence, an attitude of positive thinking and life-long learning and in the words of Thomas Edison, “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” Mr. Anthony Tang believes that we are our greatest enemy when it comes to acting on a problem and the main reason is always a lack of motivation. Hence the centre’s programmes expounds to first inspire students through the tutors and trainers before any transformation can happen.

Our mission “Inspiring Minds, Transforming Lives.” is the very purpose for our existence; to create value for the community and indirectly, help the company to grow from strength to strength through your support of the programmes.


Our Programme

Tuition for all core academic subjects ranging from Secondary to Junior College Tuition at all Levels

1) Strong Theoretical Scaffolding
Our tuition programme provides students with a scaffold on concepts using mnemonics (ways to remember and recall). Through scaffolding, students are able to visualise the concepts mentally. To provide a good grounding in the subject, students are methodologically taught starting from the basics.

2) Assignments
All students receive assignments for the topics taught. These provide practices for them to understand and remember chemistry concepts and principles better by doing.

3) Results-Oriented Pedagogy
Students are taught to present their answers concisely in order to maximize their marks. If time permits, our tutors will assist students who encounter problems with their homework.

4) Dedicated Tutors
Our tutors are experienced and dedicated. We are a team of experienced graduates and ex-MOE teachers. We build good rapport with students and have helped many improved and even excelled in their subjects as seen in the testimonials.