What Our Students Say :


"Thank you, N'rich Learning Centre, for helping me realise and achieve my potential. The teachers are innovative and creative in their approach to subjects. The tuition groups,being small and consisting only a handful of students,gave us more time with the teachers,making every lesson enriching and productive."
Zhaofu, 16

"I engaged Mr Sudibyo as a Chemistry tutor in the second half of my first year in Innova Junior College through the end of my second year in JC after getting a U grade repeatedly in my first year for Chemistry. Under his care, we were able to work together to attain my A grade in GCE 'A' levels. He never gave up in tutoring me even though I was not a fast learner and there were times I was not able to make progress. Instead, he took the liberty of putting in more effort on his part to make sure I was able to regain my confidence and work harder to improve in my Chemistry. His perseverance and determination was very influential and helpful for me. Other examples of his professionalism includes the fact that even though he lives in the hostel in NUS, located in Clementi, he never fails to make his way down to Woodlands, where our tuition sessions were held, whenever I needed help. Despite the crowded train rides he had to endure before and every single session, or the unpredictable weather during his journeys to and fro, he did not use any excuses to cancel any of our planned tuition sessions. He also made sure that he arrives early for most of our tuition sessions. Even though our tuition sessions were group sessions, Sudibyo gave the feeling that none of us were neglected and the attention given to each of us would be no different than having one-to-one sessions. The thought he gave into each individual student under his care was impressive and should be modelled by other tuition teachers. Also, despite the fact that he was engaged as my Chemistry tutor, many times have I enquired about topics from other subjects, namely Physics and Mathematics, and these enquiries were not rejected. He was versatile in his teachings, from his methods to his abilities. All in all, he is a role model not only to other tutors, but also a figure that his students can look up to and be inspired by. "
Iskandar Ishak, IJC

"After getting a series of U to E grades for my H2 Chemistry, I decided to get H2 Chemistry tuition. I was very happy I found Mr Sudibyo. He teaches in a unique way by singling out areas which I am weak in and explain to me in depth what I need to know about the particular area. Mr Sudibyo comes well prepared for lessons and is always ready to teach even other subjects. He provides thought-provoking questions and goes through how they are being solved and why they are being solved in that manner. This is crucial to me as I need to 'see' the thought processes and understand the problem-solving processes. All in all, Mr Sudibyo is an all-rounder, a good teacher and his mastery of Chemistry is very sound. My prelims result for H2 Chemistry was D, and this grade was boosted up to a B at 'A' level with the his great help. Thank you, Mr Sudibyo!"
Albert Yeoh, IJC

"Chemistry has never really been my forte. With a weak foundation, the jump from Year 4 to Year 5 became a challenge. Soon, my doubts and misunderstanding of concepts led me to dislike Chemistry and lose confidence in the subject. Thankfully, after receiving consultations from Mr Sudibyo, I now have a better grasp of the topics that I am weak in and I can solve questions at a faster pace. The progressive improvement in my grades from a U to a B and then an A shows the effectiveness of his teaching methods, which caters to every individual student based on their needs. Patient and approachable, Mr Sudibyo never rejects any questions and puts in time and effort to clear my doubts even outside lesson time. Now, i feel more comfortable with the subject and that it is possible for me to score an A for my upcoming 'A' levels. I am glad to have him as my tutor. :)"
Novia Mak, RVHS

"It has been two and a half years since I engaged Mr Sudibyo to help me with my Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. When I first started having lessons with him, I had no interests in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. At that time my grades for Mathematics was 73% and my grade for Physics and Chemistry was an average of 65%. Throughout the year Mr Sudibyo gave me encouragement and helped me with all the needs that I needed and fulfilled them as well. After just six months my grades jumped to an average of 80%, and another half a year later, boosted to a 94% in Mathematics and an average of 86% in Chemistry and Physics. He knows how to teach extremely well and patiently guide you to overcome all the problems that you might run into. He is a great teacher, not only in terms of academic, but one who also takes the effort to know each of his student well."
Alexander Keim, SAS (Singapore American School)

"When I first engaged Mr Sudibyo, it was my first time having a tutor and, he was recommended by a friend of mine. At the time I was struggling with Honours Trigonometry and Algebra 2, with a grade lingering at an average 79% overall. From our very first lesson, there was already improvement that can be seen when I attended class. By the end of the year,my grades have moved from a 79% to an 84%, which may not sound much, but was a huge jump for me, a two grades jump in our school's grading system. I have been taking his lesson ever since. He makes learning very easy for anyone with any kind of learning style, and he teaches me what I need to know without losing focus. His ability to help me in any field of Science and Math makes him an exceptional tutor because when I need help with Chemistry and Physics, he is always available to answer me. Overall, he is a very good teacher who has helped me academically in school and will continue to recommend him to anyone in the future."
Lewis Walker, SAS (Singapore American School)

"Before I joined Mr Sudi's class, I had a different tuition which didn't help me that much, I used to just pass for Physics. After I joined his classes, I developed a major interest in Physics, not only that I can understand his method of teaching, he would first explain to me that chapter really well, he would tell me which are the important points of the chapter and then he would test me with some really challenging questions, and whenever I used to get stuck, he would guide me through it and he would highlight the best way to solve a particular question. Besides he also makes his own notes and give it to me. I used to hate Physics, but now I find it easy after joining his classes. My test and assignments have improved a lot. My grade used to be a C- but now I achieved what I thought was impossible ,I got an A for my Physics. Thank you so much for everything Mr Sudi"
Agastya, ACSI (International)


"Sudibyo Gunawan has been tutoring my son, Daniel since 2009 when he was in sec 1(SJI), in the subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Sudibyo has proven to be an extremely dedicated and caring tutor who goes the extra mile in coaching my child extra hours when the exams draws near. Many a time, Sudibyo has also encouraged and motivated Daniel to give his very best in his studies. Under his tutelage, Daniel has done well in all his subjects in the GCE 'O' levels and I am truly grateful to him for that. I wish Sudibyo all the very best in his future endeavours."
other tutors. "
Mrs Janet Kah, Parent

"Mr Sudibyo is a passionate Physics tutor who is flexible in his teaching methods. He is patient towards the weaker students, adjusting to the different learning abilities of his students. I am glad to have him as my tutor."
Jianzhou, 17

"Mr Anthony Tang has been a great tutor and he always gives his best to all his students. He doesn't mind my friends and i going to him even when we do not have lessons on that day and he will help us clarify our doubts."
Chunhan, 16

"N'RICH has been a fun and learning experience to me. Mr Anthony Tang is a teacher who always motivates his students.He changed my maths from a F9 to B4 and my chemistry from F9 to A1.His lessons are never boring and he never fails to make us laugh. He also listens to his students problems and gives great advice."
Raphael, 16

"Thanks for helping me get A1s for my 'O' level Bio and Add. Math, Mr Anthony Tang."
Shiqi, 16

"Hello Mr Tang! Although I have only been in your class for around half a year, I really want to let you know that I've really learnt a lot a lot,so much from you in such a short time ! From a F9 in Prelims to an A2 in Os for my Pure Chem, this just proves how amazing a teacher you are! You would never reject our requests to extend the lesson, despite how tired you are! I still remembered how you voluntarily offered to help when Marcus grumbled about being too lazy to mark his whole book of ten year series. At that point in time,I was thinking to myself : Where else can I find such a teacher. WOW ! Hahaha and how you'd always offer bread, twisties, potato chips,coffee etc to perk us up while studying ! You are that kind of teacher who would influence the students to wanna work hard so as not to disappoint you! Thanks a lot for guiding me so much ! A teacher who always tries his very best to mark his students' work in the shortest time possible and for standing all our girl nonsense talk in class. Haha! I will never forget you Mr Tang! Keep in Touch!"
HuiShi, 17

"I've learnt a lot of science concepts through Mr Anthony Tang's analogies and mnemonics."
Glen, Sec. 2

"Mr Tang, thank you for specially coming back to help the boys."
Jacob's mum,(Parent)